Can your Roof Collapse from Water Damage?

A leaking roof is one issue that every property owner fears. There are many causes of a leaking roof and they can range anywhere from broken shingles, clogged gutters, weather, and neglect. The ultimate consequence of a leak in your roof is the roof collapsing. Luckily, there are many warning signs to prevent this from happening to you. If for any reason, this unfortunate event happens to you, All Phase Roofing Services knows exactly what you should do, step by step. Continue reading to learn more about a leaking roof collapse and how to prevent it from happening to you.

Why a Leaking Roof can Collapse

A roof can collapse when water leaking into your roof has caused serious enough damage to weaken the structure and components of the roofing material. This is a very costly and dangerous situation. If your roof has progressed to the point of leaking, there is an underlying issue that must be addressed as soon as possible. There are many reasons why a roof may start leaking and one of these reasons is broken or missing shingles. When shingles are broken or missing, the structural components of your roof are at risk of being exposed to the weather which may lead to a potential leak. Another cause of a leaking roof is clogged gutters. If your gutters are clogged then water is not flowing properly which leads to water build-up until it becomes too heavy and starts to leak. Of course, the weather plays a significant role in leaking/ collapsing roofs as high wind speeds and heavy rain place a heavy toll on your roof’s well-being over time. Owner’s neglect of their roof is one of the most common reasons why a roof will start to leak and eventually collapse. Regular maintenance is highly recommended as this will prevent any mishaps.

Warning Signs of a Collapsing Roof

Before a ceiling collapses, there are many warning signs that will hopefully help you prevent thisĀ from happening. Some things to look for include a sagging ceiling, peeling and discoloration, cracks, and roof leaks of course.

Sagging Ceiling

When you start to notice your ceiling sagging or bowing downwards, this is a good indication that water has begun to warp the structural materials and should be addressed quickly to avoid the worst outcome: a collapsing roof or ceiling.

Peeling and Discoloration

If you noticed the outer layer of your wall or ceiling starting to peel, this means that water has been damaging your property for quite some time and will need remediation as soon as possible. This holds true for when discoloration of your property’s interior starts to appear as well.

Ceiling or Wall Cracks

One of the most serious damages due to water leaks is when your ceiling and/or wall begin to crack. This is an indication of structural damage and should be taken seriously.

Roof Leaks

If you are experiencing recurring or major leaks in your property, this is a sign that water has been leaking for a long time except now, it is visible. Take precautionary measures as your roof or ceiling is at serious risk of collapsing.

Leaking Roof Collapses: What to do

If any of the prior warning signs are happening to you, follow these steps to prevent further damage or bodily harm. First, you will want to clear the area completely. This includes furniture, electronics, and any personal possessions. You will then want to lay a tarp and/or buckets to protect the floor. Next, you will want to hire professionals and find the source of the leak. This may take some time and patience. Once the leak is located, it will need to be repairedĀ and everything must be dried thoroughly. Lastly, the ceiling/roof will need repairing.

Last Note

All Phase Roofing aims to provide the highest quality service to satisfy our customer’s residential and commercial roofing needs through professional service, hard work, and integrity. If you are unfortunately going through a roofing disaster and need some professional advice, call us today for your free quote!